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Who are you? Where do you live? Any kids? Animals? Hobbies?

Born in Ohio and raised there and in Rhode Island, I moved to California in high school and now live in the Sacramento area with my husband Paul, my son and my daughter. You may have seen Paul mentioned in many of my book dedications. He’s terrifically supportive and very inspiring. Until recently, we had a sweet dog named Murphy and a charming cat named Scooter. We lost both of them last year to the ravages of old age, but they will live on forever, not only in our hearts, but in Murph’s case, also in my September 2006 Bombshell SPIN CONTROL, which was dedicated to him and stars a little puppy named Murphy. (Meanwhile, my daughter recently brought home a long-haired Chihuahua puppy named Peanut, and we now have a rescued cat named Riley who is huge. Three times the size of Peanut at least, and still growing!

I’m an attorney as well as a writer.
The law job was dominating my writing time, so I’ve cut back to part time – yay! As you can imagine, I love to read, although I don’t do enough of it any more. I adore movies and am addicted to several TV shows. Currently, I’m into Once Upon a Time and Game of Thrones.

Please visit my blog http://katedonovan.livejournal.com, where I try to post the latest trials and tribulations. Thanks! -- Kate



Will there be further books in the Dream series? When? What else is on the horizon?


The Dream Books – updated


The good news here is, I now have the rights back to the first two books – A DREAM APART and A DREAM EMBRACED. I plan to re-tool (and re-title) those two a bit, release them as ebooks, and then get started on the rest of the series. There should be four more books, chronicling the further adventures of Aaric the Moonshaker, Kerreya, Jason and Eric, and of course, Matthew and Molly. And the lake wizards, and some new villains as well. We’ll see the re-birth of the mounds civilization along with some incongruous love parings, most notably, AJ and Nikki.


MECH GIRL and other science fiction


I’ve wanted to do a Young Adult title for years, and more importantly, my editors have been urging me to do so. I finally took the plunge with MECH GIRL and it was an amazing experience. It’s always fun to write a book that you wish you could find on the shelves yourself. In this case, I’ve always liked mech stories, but from a female point of view. I still wanted the hardware and the battles, just with a little twist. That’s MECH GIRL. And there will be some follow up stories in the same mech world!


All of my new projects seem to be science fiction. There’s the alien abduction story PERFECT SPECIMEN (soon to have a short sequel), and I’m going to finish off a science-y time travel soon. Also in the time travel realm, Samhain Publishing is re-releasing TIMELESS and TIME WEAVER, and we might even do a book called KAHNAWAKEE to finish that series off, so keep an eye on that. It seems will never get over my love of time travel.


Samhain also published a couple of my space-opera novellas in e-book format: SPACE FEVER and STAR FEVER. Those will be out in paperback as well, combined into one book.


MAIL ORDER BRIDE/Marriage Broker books


Finally, Samhain is re-releasing my old matchmaker series of historical romances. They’ve been out of print, so this is amazingly exciting for me to see them come back to life. There were five originally, and here’s the re-release schedule:


GAME OF HEARTS –December 2011

CARRIED AWAY – March 2012

MEANT TO BE – June 2012

NIGHT AFTER NIGHT – September 2012

FOOL ME TWICE – November 2012


And I might just write a new book for that series, just to ensure that the matchmaker ends up with a bride too!



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