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  Space Wrangler by Kate Donovan  


The Last Noel by Kate Donovan
Beyond the Page Publishing © 2012

The Last Noel


In the timeless struggle between science and faith, the stakes have never been higher . . .

When scientists on faraway Beddin decided to engineer an energy-rich explosion at the edge of our solar system, they were sure they had protected Earth from all possible fallout. Unfortunately, they thought of everything but the timing. The brilliant display is scheduled for December 24th—Christmas Eve. While the threat of any physical damage to Earth has been eliminated, the cultural damage of an explosion that could be construed either as the Second Star of Bethlehem or the coming Apocalypse is terrifying.

Realizing their mistake with only days to spare, they recruit two Earth experts to advise them on whether to scrap the experiment or just mitigate the effects. Astrophysicist Greg Martell is hot to go forward so he can study the dazzling event. Anthropologist Becca Kincaid is convinced it must be stopped. She predicts chaos on multiple fronts, religious and cultural. And on a gut level, she fears consequences she can’t even begin to predict.

Now Becca and Greg must work together to reach a joint recommendation. They are adversaries, but whether from the high stakes or simple chemistry, they become lovers as well. Becca is determined to stop the project, and a frustrated Greg feels the opportunity—and the woman—slipping from his grasp. Too late, he realizes Becca’s instincts were correct. The dangers are real, and could cost them everything—including their lives.


Beyond the Page Publishing © 2012

Perfect Specimen

Beyond the Page Publishing

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To archaeologist Brietta Ryerson, traveling to a remote location to excavate an ancient cemetery is the job of a lifetime and nothing is going to stop her from getting there, especially not a sinus infection, no matter how debilitating the pain.

Except what she’s suffering from isn’t a sinus infection, but rather a pain-inducing chip implanted in her face by alien geneticist Ga’rag. His twin goals: test this specimen’s suitability for cloning, while also exacting revenge against Brietta’s cousin – the human who tried to thwart his first DNA-hunt.

Meanwhile, cocky adventurer Sean Taggert regrets hiring Brietta for this gig despite her perfect credentials. For one thing, she’s annoyingly attractive. Plus, she’s too perceptive, and might realize that the cemetery is just a decoy – something to distract from Taggert’s real find.

There’s no question that Sean Taggert is as sexy as he is talented, but Brietta has no intention of damaging her reputation for a small fling. Besides that, she’s too busy trying to keep her headaches under control to bother with passion. But for how long will the headaches simply remain headaches? Ga’rag is getting closer to finding his perfect specimen and this time no one is going to get in his way, not Brietta and certainly not cocky Sean Taggert.


Perfect Specimen by Kate Donovan
Beyond the Page Publishing © 2012

Perfect Specimen

Beyond the Page Publishing

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Since early childhood, Sara Kent has been experimented on--and dominated by--an alien scientist desperate to save his dying race of male clones. She has passed every test, first out of fear, later because her children--the product of asexual genetic splicing--are being held hostage on the alien’s spacecraft. As long as she cooperates, they’re safe, which means she’ll do anything, including engaging in a brief sexual liaison with a random stranger so that the alien can study them.

Unfortunately, Clay Ryerson--the hot guy she picks up in a bar for that purpose--falls madly in love with her and refuses to break up despite her every effort. The more she pushes him away, the more determined he becomes to rescue her from whatever is keeping them apart.

Sara knows from brutal experience that she and the children aren’t the only ones in danger. This alien will kill anyone who gets too close to his precious specimen, including a handsome would-be hero with a death wish.


Beyond the Page Publishing © 2012

Mech Girl

Beyond the Page Publishing

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Zia just wants to party, and as the granddaughter of Daniel Quito – the hero who saved Earth fifty years ago from robotic invaders called mechs – she has the resources and adoring public to support that coveted lifestyle.

Now another mech invasion looms, this time against one of Earth’s allies on the far side of the galaxy. Duty calls, and Zia is glad when pilot Rem Stone is the one to answer. She knows Rem has a grudge against her family, believing that the Quitos stole the presidency from the Stones. But Zia has never taken sides in that boring feud, and would gladly see Rem succeed, especially because he's such a hunk.

He can supply the skills and courage necessary to save Malara. Unfortunately, this situation calls for something a little less orthodox, namely, Quito DNA. Earth’s best robot was programmed with genetic material from Zia's grandfather, and so as Rem watches in frustrated disbelief, it's Zia who’s called to glory – kicking and screaming all the way.


Deep Space Fever Collection by Kate Donovan

Deep Space Fever
Two Books in One Volume
Paperback Only

Space Fever and Star Fever



Star Fever by Kate Donovan

Samhain Publishing © 2010

Star Fever

Fever, Book 2

Biology fueled her desires. Then chemistry took over…

Samhain Publishing, ISBN: 978-1-60928-272-1


When Mar-Tessa’s lust fever strikes right on schedule, she’s proud, thrilled…and unexpectedly allergic to the presence of Zentarin males. The horrifying cause: she’s half Cortierran, a fact her powerful grandfather hid from her. The distasteful cure: exposure to a Cortierran male. After all, when given the choice, what Zentress would choose a Cortierran over a Zentarr?

Self-image wavering, she prepares to meet the “antidote”. But she doesn’t expect the remedy to set her body on fire.

No offworlder has ever set foot on Zentarus, let alone trained with the best pilots in the galaxy. Captain Ryandrus Brill is so pumped he doesn’t even notice their disdain. When a sexy vixen in red approaches him, he unexpectedly finds himself promising anything to get into her bed—even if the temptress reminds him of an old Cortierran myth about a woman who lures warriors to their deaths.

Even after the Zentarrans turn on him and throw him on an outbound ship, his body hungers for the bond he feels down to his bones. He was sure she felt it too. And he intends to battle his way across the galaxy, if necessary, to find his mate.


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Space Fever by Kate Donovan

Samhain Publishing © 2010

Space Fever

Fever, Book 1

He can save her planet, but only if she saves him first.

Samhain Publishing, ISBN: 978-1-60504-971-7

 Cabrielle is glad her father never lived to see his defraction technology in the hands of the rebels. Now the only hope for her planet’s survival is Torr, the Zentarin who’s training Cortierra’s pilots.

Except Torr is suffering from an untimely case of lust fever—two years ahead of schedule. He must return home to mate with a Zentarin female, or die… Unless by some miracle a Cortierran female exists who might satisfy him.

Sleeping with the hunky offworlder isn’t exactly the way Cabbie planned to redeem the family name, but she’ll do anything to defend her home. Even use her body rather than her crack sharp-shooting skills. One feverish night later, Torr has his cure, and Cabbie finds herself lust-bonded for life. She willingly gives him her heart—until the truth behind his motives flings it back at her in pieces.

As Torr’s lust-mate, Cabbie makes an irresistible target for the rebels. When they kidnap her, intent on using her as a pawn, one thing is certain. Her frayed bond with Torr is Cortierra’s only hope.


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Timeless Timeless by Kate Donovan
Samhain Publishing © 2013

Now Available again from Samhain Publishing!


If this is a dream, then she’s in heaven.

When Shannon wakes up in seventeenth-century backwoods America, she figures it’s just a hallucination caused by a recent concussion suffered in the line of her environmentalist duties. Given the hunkiness of the Susquehannock chief and the backwoodsman caring for her, she figures it’s her fantasy, so might as well relax go with it. Right?

Neither Kahnawakee nor John Cutler know what to make of the beautiful female who won’t eat meat and keeps babbling about time travel. Clearly she’s daft. Not to mention bizarrely immodest, flirtatious—and irresistible.

If this is a dream, then Shannon’s in heaven. If not, she ought to quit fooling around and try to get back home before she accidentally changes history. Yet leaving the timeline intact means Kahnawakee will be murdered before achieving his vision of the future for his people.

How can she live with herself if she changes history—or doesn’t? Worse, when and if she wakes up, how will she live without John?

"The paradox of the time continuum is so well handled that this novel could easily pass as science fiction.  Kudos to Kate Donovan for providing a superb time travel romance . . ."--Harriet Klausner on TIMELESS

Time Weaver

Time Weaver by Kate Donovan
Samhain Publishing © 2013

Coming in June from Samhain Publishing!



Can A Modern-Day Warrior And An Unconventional Artist Find Their Future In The Distant Past?

Native American attorney Alex BlackKnife is a man with a mission: to find Shannon Cleary, last seen crossing the border into sacred Indian territory.  Instead, he meets Cassie Stone, an artist with her own ideas about her famous cousin's disappearance.  But her journey to the ancient burial ground takes Cassie farther than she expected---300 years back in time!  And she drags tall, dark and good-looking Alex along for the ride . . .


"Kate Donovan's sequel to TIMELESS is by leaps and bounds the best time travel written this year."--The Tailsman on  TIME WEAVER


The Untamed Beast

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Silhouette Nocturne Bite

The last nine weeks have been hell on Rick Diaz – literally. His body has transformed itself at an alarming rate, his eyes have turned coal black, and he’s ready to rip someone’s head off at a moment’s notice. This could be the last night he can trust himself with a normal girl. And thanks to his primitive animal magnetism, he can have his pick.

Megan hasn’t seen Rick in years. Shaggy hair, gorgeous body, mesmerizing eyes—he’s hotter than ever, but instinct warns that he’s also more dangerous. She wants to resist, but this handsome beast cannot be denied.

When he ditches her, she knows it’s for the best.

Then he comes back….

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A Dream Apart




ISBN 0-7860-0123-2


A Dream Embraced



ISBN 0-7860-0232-8



Totally Charmed Kate's nonfiction essay, EVIL: Can't Live With It, Can't Quite Vanquish It, is in the pop fiction anthology TOTALLY CHARMED, about the TV show Charmed.   Edited by Jennifer Crusie, the anthology was released in November 2005.
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