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  Play Calling


Beyond the Page Publishing


Daniel Riga, the controversial headcoach of the Portland Lancers, has the same rule for press conferences as for anything else during football season: football only. The man doesn’t even date except in the off-season. So why are these reporters asking about some sociologist who inexplicably called him a zombie in her latest newspaper column? On the Lifestyles page, no less!

Noelle Sharpe is mortified that her words have been taken out of context, since her tongue-in-cheek point was that zombies focus on a single obsession – eating brains – but a brilliant, vibrant man like Daniel Riga should broaden his horizons past football-only. Her attempt at apologizing in print only leads to another round of jokes at the handsome coach’s expense, so she tracks him down for an in-person apology.

As frustrated as he is with this zombie nonsense, Daniel goes wild for Noelle and they end up in bed. Unfortunately, it’s football season, so he asks her to wait for him until the off-season. By now, she’s so crazy about him, and so worried she’ll cost the Lancers their season by distracting him, she readily agrees.

Zombies consume brains. That’s all they do. And Daniel Riga consumes football. That’s all he does. Or at least until Noelle Sharpe writes her way into his life and gives football some serious competition.


  Playing for Kicks


Beyond the Page Publishing


Sean Decker takes pride in his reputation as the best kicker in the league. His otherreputation—for falling in love with every girl he meets—is more of an urban legend. Sure, he likes women, but he just wants to meet a nice one and settle down, especially since his latest hookup has gone all kinds of wrong. If he can just extricate himself from that suffocating mess, he swears to learn from it. And when he meets the blend of fresh air and independence that is Tess Colby, he knows she’s the one to help him.

Tess has no interest in being Sean’s latest conquest. Not only has she heard the rumors, but she’s focused on making the jump from bartender to sportswriter. In exchange for an interview, she’s willing to give him the same in-depth advice she always gives brokenhearted guys across the bar. But date him? No way.

Sean claims he doesn’t want to date. Just hang out. Although for some reason, his definition of hanging out includes kissing. It’s fun, but Tess knows she needs to stay strong. Not just for her own sake, but maybe for the kicker’s, too.


  Power Play by Kate Donovan

Beyond the Page Publishing


Brand new sports agent Darcie Kildare knows her way around a contract. But football? She’s got a lot to learn, and definitely isn’t ready for a chance encounter with quarterback Wyatt Bourne, known as “the Surgeon” for his precision passing, cutting humor, and rampant God-complex. After completely embarrassing herself, and being mocked for her efforts, she only hopes she never sees the gorgeous hunk again. Except of course in her most private fantasies…

Wyatt doesn’t need an agent. In fact, he doesn’t need anyone, much less an ambitious babe with a hot body and a smart mouth. Even worse, her  agency represents the Triple Threat – Wyatt’s bitterest rivals – a fact she gleefully rubs in his face every chance she gets.

Darcie doesn’t actually mean to taunt him, but she owes him a zinger or two, doesn’t she? Plus it’s so darned much fun. And he’s having fun too. She can see that in the steely eyes that turn cobalt at a moment’s notice. Something is happening between them. Something neither of them ever felt before. Something Darcie has dreamed of her entire life.

But the Surgeon has spent a lifetime making sure it never happens to him. And as Darcie discovers too late, he really is the best at what he does.


  Play Date by Kate Donovan

Beyond the Page Publishing


When quarterback Johnny Spurling cancels his blind date with Rachel on account of matrimony, she cheerfully agrees to a substitution – Sean Decker, another hunk in the NFL’s feared Triple Threat. But love doesn’t spark between the adorable kicker and the kindergarten teacher, who seem destined for a close but Platonic friendship.
No one is crazy enough to match Rachel with the third member of the Triple Threat. Bam Bannerman is Thor-like of body, potty of mouth, and hot as hell. And when he spots the classy blonde at Johnny’s wedding, he’s determined to have some fun. Sure, she’s prim and proper, but he’s Bam, isn’t he? So no problem.
To Rachel, who’s tired of being ignored and rejected, the rowdy halfback is a hilarious change of pace. They sneak away, he rocks her world, then she fondly bids him farewell.
Meanwhile, Sean is distracted by a woman so hot, but so wrong, she could actually jeopardize his career. The only thing keeping him sane? Knowing Rachel – the perfect back-up bride – is out there. Waiting patiently.

But Bam is out there too, scoring on every attempt. With Rachel.


  Playing for Keeps by Kate Donovan

Beyond the Page Publishing


When Erica McCall finally gets her big break in advertising, she knows just which spokesperson to pitch: gorgeous football superstar Johnny Spurling. She has followed his career since college and knows he’s perfect for the spot, even though it’s common knowledge his famous family doesn’t do product endorsements, ever. But Erica knows Johnny’s weak spot, and she’s confident she can use it to gain his trust and seal the deal.

Quarterback Johnny Spurling is running out of time. His father’s health is failing, and there’s one last thing he’s asked Johnny to do—settle down and produce a son, before it’s too late. Which means Johnny needs a new kind of girlfriend. No more casual hookups or high-maintenance divas. When his sister-in-law claims to have the perfect candidate, he urges her to set up a postseason blind date.

Then Johnny meets long-haired, long-legged Erica and can’t resist her outrageous proposal—or her. So he decides he’ll do the commercial and have one final, hot-as-hell fling before settling down. They set the ground rules, then proceed to break every one of them as fun turns to the kind of true romance that just doesn’t end with the final touchdown—and with luck, never ends at all.


  Play by Play by Kate Donovan

Play By Play
Beyond the Page Publishing


Former college football star Jake Dublin’s wildly popular sports blog also details his personal life. And lately it’s all about Sophie, the pretty young woman who just moved into his apartment building. His readers know her only as “Elevator Girl,” and they’re all rooting for Jake to score.

The blog posts and banter with his followers are all in good fun, and he fully intends to come clean with the woman he’s wooing and wowing. That is, until she confides that she grew up in a house full of jocks and even dated a few. Her verdict? Never again!

Jake knows he needs to confess. But somewhere along the line he fell in love with Sophie and can’t stand the thought of losing her. So he procrastinates, and blogs, and digs himself deeper into a hole, until it all leads to a showdown that’s so nail-biting, not even the best play-by-play guy could ever have seen it coming.

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